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2018 - 2019 KSES Supply List
Posted On:
Wednesday, June 27, 2018


A back pack big enough for a change of clothes and a notebook--NO Rolling Backpacks

(2) containers of wipes (1 container Clorox, 1 container baby wipes)

(2) boxes of Tissues

Zipper close sandwich/quart bags—girls only

Zipper close gallon bags—all students

Zipper close snack bags—boys only

Headphones for the computer lab (no ear buds)

(1) reclosable 8 ½ “x 5 ½ “ sterlite school box with hinged lid

(2) 8 oz Elmers school glue (No Glitter Glue or glue stick)

4--pack of black Expo markers

Ream of copy paper

Foldable Kindergarten mat (red/blue) – Kindergarten will be napping every day until Christmas.

Hand sanitizer

Paper towels

Optional Items to purchase:

After students are assigned to a class, they will receive a wish list of optional items from their teacher.


1st Grade

Please note that this is for a classroom supply. Student specific items should not be purchased. No Trapper Keepers or rolling backpacks.


(2) packs of 24 count #2 pencils yellow or black sharpened pencils (No decorative as they tear up the pencil sharpeners)

(2) packs of 24 count crayons

(1) pack of large pink rectangle erasers

(8-10) glue sticks

(4) thick black dry-erase markers (No Crayola brand)

(4) pack yellow highlighters

(2) wide ruled composition notebooks

Spiral notebook for music class (wide ruled, 70 pages)

Vinyl or plastic zipper bag for supplies (not a box)

Disinfectant wipes

(3) large boxes of tissues

(1) 2-pack paper towels

Boys- gallon zipper close bags, hand sanitizer, index cards

Girls- sandwich zipper close bags, baby wipes, post-it notes



2nd Grade

**Most items on this list are for the CLASSROOM. They are NOT individual supplies.


Backpack to fit in locker (NO ROLLING)

48 - #2 pencils (sharpened)

(2) 24 count crayons (NO larger boxes)

(8-10) glue sticks

(5) – spiral notebooks, wide-ruled, solid color

(3) – packs of cap erasers

(1) – inexpensive pair of headphones for computer lab (NO EARBUDS)

(1) – folder with pockets, solid color

(1) – 2 or 4 pack of EXPO markers

Disinfectant Wipes


Greatly Appreciated, but Not Required:

·         Tissues

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         White and/or colored copy paper


3rd Grade

This year we are going to keep all supplies in each homeroom, so that everyone has pencils, papers, and supplies as needed. Some items we are asking for 2, so that we can give them new ones (example: colored pencils) after the winter break. We do not need large trapper keepers or notebooks. These are not used in third grade.


 (1)       backpack that will fit in a locker (no rolling back packs)

(1)        pair of scissors

(2)        crayons (24 ct)

(2)        packs of pencils (24 ct)

(4)        pocket folders

(2)        packs of wide ruled loose leaf paper

(3)        composition notebooks

(1)        spiral notebook for music

(1)        headset for computer lab

(1)        4-pack large dry erase markers

(1)        pack of cap erasers

(2)        packs of colored pencils (12 pack)

(6)        glue sticks

(1)        zippered pencil pouch (no plastic boxes – they are too messy)


The following items are not required, but greatly appreciated!


Disinfectant wipes


Hand sanitizer

Re-sealable plastic bags (gallon or sandwich size)


4TH Grade

(1) composition notebook

(1) pack of 24 or more crayons

(1) pack of 12 or more colored pencils

(1) pair of Scissors

(3) Glue Sticks

(2) packs loose-leaf wide ruled paper (not spiral)

(1) spiral notebook (wide ruled only-for music)

(1) pack of 24 #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

(1) pencil pouch

(1) Trapper Keeper or large binder

(3) three hole punched folders to put in Trapper or binder

(1) 4 pack of Expo markers

Headphones for computer- Put in a baggie labeled with student’s name



**Please do not purchase rolling backpacks. Backpacks must be appropriate size in order to fit inside the student’s locker.


**The following items are optional. However, they are greatly needed for classroom use:

(2) containers of disinfectant wipes

(3) boxes of tissues





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