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Class Schedule  

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 2nd grade: Hardin  2nd Grade: Lockert  2nd grade: VanDerVoort 2nd Grade: Freeman 
 Kindergarten: Chapman  Kindergarten: Ellen  Kindergarten: Cranfield  Kindergarten: Turner
 1st grade: Mealio  1st grade: Penrod  1st grade:Maxwell  1st grade: Umphers
 4th grade: Crawford  4th grade: Norfleet  4th grade: Hutchison 4th grade: Litton 
 3rd grade:Bringard  3rd grade: Brown 3rd grade: Allen   3rd grade: Hardesty

This is the fixed library schedule for related arts classes each week.  Each student's book is due on that day. There are NO fees for overdue books.

Kindergarten classes begin checking out books on September 15th.