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Building a Reader 

 Reading TipsHow to build a reader.

  • Read anything and everything.
  • Have your student read 20 minutes each day.
  • Students that read 20 minutes per day, score in the 90th percentile.
  • Visit the library.  
  • Instead of listening to music, listen to audio books on long drives.  You can download these FREE through Tenessee READS program.
  • If your child sees you reading they will want to read as well.
  • Learn a new word each week.Post a new word with definition, make it a contest to see who can use it the most each week. 
  • Read to your child this increases vocabulary, listening skills, and imagination.
  • Cook with your child.  Double or half the recipe.  Let your child follow the directions.  There are many great cookbooks available for pre-readers.
  • Find reasons for your child to practice writing skills - write a letter to an out of town relative, write a book, make a grocery list or to-do list, write a poem or create your own mother goose rhyme substituting silly words.
  • Engage in meaningful conversation with your child: Ask questions, be positive, give full attention. 
  • Source: "Big Universe: newsletter".