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In cooperation with our community partners, we are providing a pathway to success for all of our students in the classroom and in everyday life. Our main objective is to train and educate our students to be successful in any post-secondary endeavors they choose.

Cookie Dough Winners

Cookie Pic
Cookie Dough Top Eleven
      1. George Hitchcock- 107 Boxes
      2. Jase England- 52 Boxes
      3. Alexander Medina- 50 Boxes
      4. Ledger Hardin- 50 Boxes
      5. Ella Mae Prince- 50 Boxes
      6. Tenley Stinson- 50 Boxes
      7. Mark Sedgwick- 50 Boxes
      8. Neyland Presley- 41 Boxes
      9. Rexton Secrest- 38 Boxes
      10. Adalyn Hicks- 35 Boxes
      11. James Powers- 32 Boxes

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