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The KSES library is proudly named for Mrs. Dorris, a retired teacher and much admired former principal of our school. 

The library is open daily from 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. for student and faculty use. The library is also one of the special area classes at KSES.  Students attend library with their homeroom 1-2 days a week. Students have access to many books that meet their interests and learning needs. Also, they learn about important topics such as the organization of information, research, digital citizenship and book care. With a large collection of fiction and non-fiction materials,  the library is proud to support and enhance the learning taking place in the classrooms throughout the building. 
       Library Policies 
  • Students in grades K-2 may check out one book at a time.
  • Students in grade 3-4 may check out two books at a time. 
  • Students in grade 4 are allowed to check out a Playaway as one of their choices.They are expected to take care of the Playaway to the best of their ability and return all materials that go with the device.
  • Students should return their library book during their homeroom's library class each week so they may select a new book to read. If a student is still reading their book, they must bring in the book to possibly renew it. If there is not a hold on the book, the student will be allowed to keep the book one more week.
  • If a student loses a book or damages a book beyond use, they are expected to pay the replacement cost. 

Click on the Destiny Discover icon below to see which books are available in our library. When on this site, click “Book” under “Any” in the Destiny Discover search bar to the left. You can search for eBooks, videos, audiobooks, etc. Additionally, you can search for items via author, title and topic by clicking the Advanced Search icon to the right of the search bar. For a tutorial video on how to use Destiny Discover, please click here.

Free Resources for Tennesseans! Explore TEL4U to find resources such as online encyclopedias and ebooks for K-5.
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Storyline Online
Students can enjoy books read aloud by members of the Sag-Aftra Foundation.
South Cheatham Public Library
A great local resource!
South Cheatham Public Library
Don't forget about the Little Free Library located at the front of the school parking lot. 
Little Free Library
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