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Music at KSES is a dynamic, fun, and educational learning experience. Starting in kindergarten, students learn to recognize sound, patterns, and melody in everyday life. Mrs. Nygren considers her main goal as creating a love and appreciation of music for all of her students. Studies have shown that music aids in relaxation, stimulates the mind, heightens emotion, and assists in our learning processes. Who among us didn’t learn their alphabet by singing? Over the course of the 5-year music experience at KSES, students will learn basic music reading, rhythm patterns, percussion, and ukulele. In 2021, our school was able to purchase a class set of soprano ukuleles so that all 4th grade students can learn the basics of ukulele! Each year, students will have the opportunity to perform in a music-based program. Please click on the link to watch our most recent 3rd grade play, The Not-So-Scary Scarecrow!